How to do Kerio Connect Migration to New Server – Direct Method

The process to migrate Kerio Connect to New Server is not so easy. You need a proper planning & a toolkit to perform execution. There are not so many users who wants to export Kerio Connect mailboxes to new server without any issue.


There are many reasons possible to do Kerio Connect migration to new server. It is due to the fact that Kerio Mail server works on the desktop-based environment. You cannot run it through cloud-based interface. This lack of Kerio Connect Mail Server on cloud inspires many users to migrate Kerio Mailboxes.

Why Need for the Kerio Connect Migration to New Server?

Here is a query from my client, which I am listing below to better understand slot server thailand you why it is important for the users to migrate Kerio Mail Server mailboxes to a completely new server.

Last year was a very tough year for me. We are attacked by a hurricane & a continuous power outrage forced me to think about moving from Kerio Mail Server to a new server which works on the cloud.

The first choice, which comes into my mind is Microsoft Exchange Server. It fulfils all my requirements regarding email mailbox management.


With Microsoft Exchange Server, I can manage all the emails, calendars, contacts, events on a single centralized platform. It gives facility to the users to access their mailboxes on many devices including mobile devices, web-based systems or desktop.

Exchange Server have many advanced features in comparison of Kerio Mail Server as some of them listed below:

A user can install Exchange Server on all Windows Server devices without any issue.
It gives users facility to enable external access to EAC (Exchange Admin Center).
The option to employ dynamic memory cache allocation helps the organizations to optimize memory usage.
It enables the meeting administrators to cancel the meetings.
Administrators can assign delegate permission.

From above, you can easily understand that Exchange Server is way better that Kerio Mail Server. So, it will be a great choice to migrate Kerio Connect to Exchange Server account.

Solution to Migrate Kerio Mail Server to New Server:

There are not so many applications available at present time that will allow the users to migrate Kerio Mail Server to New Server. But you can do it simply with the help of a powerful RecoveryTools Kerio Migration tool. The utility will provide users a direct option to export Kerio Mailboxes to a new server.

The working of this utility is very easy & simplified. You only need to just follow these simple steps:


Install & Launch Kerio to Exchange Migration tool & load Kerio Mail Server items.
Select all the required mailbox items listed in the application panel.
The toolkit will list all the Select Saving formats. Choose Exchange Server option from here.
Enter the Exchange Server account login credentials of the software. Provide Exchange server username, password & server name. Users can also apply language settings like Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian
Click on Next button to start Kerio to Exchange online migration process.
You can analyze the live conversion process directly in the utility panel.
The utility will display a confirmation box with message of conversion completed successfully. Click OK to confirm.
Finally, the toolkit will generate a SavingLog report which includes all the information regarding the migration.